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DroneTech World Meeting Toruń - Poland 2017 - October 5 - 6

Meeting of international scientists, businessmen and

enthusiasts of everything connected to modern

unmanned technologies.


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Drone-Solutions is a company specialized in (remote) sensing and partners with engineers that are developing several technical (patented) inventions & solutions, unmanned systems and sensoring & data analysis companies.

Drone-Solutions offers tailor-made services in Consultancy, Project Management, Business & Technical development and Strategic Partnership.


Project record 2016 - 2017

- Partner agreement with LumiDatis, High-Tech aging determination of man made ceramics.

- Business development and feasibility study of secure communication system for a third party.

- Technical development of anti theft system for portable use for a third party.

- Feasibility study and proof of concept for advanced precision agriculture system in cooperation with Godan organisation.

- Proposal for biotech-sensing system in cooperation with OPCW organisation.

- Invention and development of the Virtual Wall system in a JV with FabuLab.

- Partnership in Acoustitek BV with the development of the Auris Scout system.

- Feasibility, legitimacy and patent investigation on high tech invention claims on behalf of corporate investor.

- Partnership in Center of Technology Transfer, University of Copernicus, Poland.

- Co-organiser of DroneTech, world-meeting Torun, Poland.

- Project management on tech related organisation of new initiatives...

Including exciting Drone Races

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