Full Program or Project Management with selected partner specialists.

We can offer a very versatile program of unmanned systems for a wide variety of applications, either aerial, nautical and terrestrial.

A variety of companies in the field of special techniques and services with substantial track records, both in civil and non-civil projects and application all over the world.


Market position

With special interest for the market of middle seize, 'high tech', advanced systems, we arrange results for a wide variety of demands and requests.

Our partners are specialized companies and organizations that work with already proven technology and services that we combine to tailor-made solutions.

Making use of standard 'ready-off-the-shelf' and non-standard products that are used all over the world in a vast variety of situations.


Remote Sensing

Both unmanned vehicles and fixed position stations can be equipped with controllable sensors of all physical disciplines.

We call that 'remote sensing'.

The digitalized data from sensors or sensing systems like: LiDAR, Optical, Hyper-spectral, Thermal, Acoustic, Magnetic or Radio-spectral, can give very precise information to adjust, measure and control a wide variety of processes or situations.

We offer turn-key project management with result responsibility.


3D Mapping

Drone-Solutions’ focus on Geo Data Management,

from various sources.

Together with selected specialized companies providing tools and subsystems that already found their way to governments and corporate clients, we developed a contemporary and sustainable system.

This final system we offer provides a turn-key solution in the field of Geo Data processing. The flexible data model is configured and adapted at runtime and does not require any development. Therefore, complex development and implementation projects are no longer needed.

The combination of these subsystems resulted in a fast, powerful and flexible (open) Universal Geo DataBase that complies to today’s IATI standard, providing a clear and friendly user interface.

Together the various data sets provide complex information in most fields of applications where Geo Data is needed. With the right discipline professionals, the information out of the data will be more accurate and versatile.

Products, Advice & Project management:

o Universal Geo DataBase

o Professional drone applications, ATEX and high tech fixed wings for long operating hours

o Remote sensors and advanced optical spectral sensing, acoustic sensing and radio spectral sensing


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