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Drone-Solutions’ focus on Geo Data Management,

from various sources.

Together with selected specialized companies providing tools and subsystems that already found their way to governments and corporate clients, we developed a contemporary and sustainable system.

This final system we offer provides a turn-key solution in the field of Geo Data processing. The flexible data model is configured and adapted at runtime and does not require any development. Therefore, complex development and implementation projects are no longer needed.

The combination of these subsystems resulted in a fast, powerful and flexible (open) Universal Geo DataBase that complies to today’s IATI standard, providing a clear and friendly user interface.

Together the various data sets provide complex information in most fields of applications where Geo Data is needed. With the right discipline professionals, the information out of the data will be more accurate and versatile.

Products, Advice & Project management:

o Universal Geo DataBase

o Professional drone applications, ATEX and high tech fixed wings for long operating hours

o Remote sensors and advanced bio sensing

DroneTech 1st World Meeting Toruń - Poland 2016

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